Adapt Plus ltd

The incubatee joined the RE Business Incubator while at pilot stage of his carbonized briquette production from biomass waste to provide an alternative fuel to charcoal and firewood for cooking and heating. The Adapt + business was at that time producing 50 briquettes a day with a plan to increase the production capacity to 1200 briquettes a day. Through the Renewable Energy incubator office Adapt plus Limited (APL) is now a registered company under the registrar of companies in Uganda and has a proper governance structure. The company conducted market surveys which helped to assess major customers, raw material suppliers, competition analysis, sourcing for technology then completed their business plan. APL has participated in number of workshops, exhibitions, tradeshows and seminars to enhance awareness about the product. The company received various trainings in: Business Enterprise Start-up Tool training, presentation skills, Cost of capital, Internal Rate of Return & NPV, branding development and marketing training with other entrepreneurs in the incubator. The company received investment support from the RE Incubator to purchase a roller press and expand the production facility. The company’s production has increased from 50 kgs per day to 300 kgs per day.