Financial book keeping and Charcoal Briquetting/ Stove Making Equipment Operation

On 7th– 8th, 11th – 15th and 18th -20th June 2018 REBi Limited organized trainings for two days per incubatee at their premises at Namboole (Wakiso district), Bisso- Kampala B (Bulisa District), Agwata-wat (Lira District) and Bupala- Buwenge (Jinja District)

The main objective behind this training was to equip the incubatees together with their staff with the knowledge of plant routines, roles and responsibilities, safety and basic accounting book keeping to enable them start and run a lucrative business. Also show how each one contributes the success or failure of a company and in-cooperate safety awareness in the employees

This training was conducted by the REBi Engineer and REBi accountant in seasoned presentations characterized by by question and answer, brainstorming, group discussions, demonstration and practical implementation sessions. The participants were of verse demography, we had both literate and illiterate youth, youth, expectant mothers, breast feeding mothers, single mothers even local leaders who were vey curious and eager to learn.

Training Content

  • Book keeping (business ownership, importance of book keeping)
  • Accounting records (Entry systems, Profit and loss statements)
  • Managing Business cash and accounts (Financial management)
  • Plant Operation (Roles, Routines, plant efficiency)
  • Equipment handling and Maintenance, (Quality Control and records)
  • Plant safety (Harzards, Risks, Accidents and PPE)

The trainings were conducted successfully and all the participants that were at the start completed the training no drop outs. Some sessions were really interesting we had to modify content and employ translators on two occasions the training was deliver in the local dialect e.g Alur and Lango.

During the training REBi Limited also handed over sets of Personal protective Equipment and some Briquetting machine. The next training will be of Fire prevention and fighting for the incubatees, we believe safety comes first.