Mindset Change and Entrepreneurship training

The training took place in February 19th– 23rd, 2018, at Makerere University, College of Engineering, Art and Design. The training aimed at providing business and entrepreneurship skills to Renewable Energy Business Startups through practical, motivational, experimental and knowledge-enhancing training modules to ensure lasting impact and business sustainability. Nine entrepreneurs were trained- eight males and one female.  The training was conducted by Strategy Consult in Partnership with Potential Business Development Consult.

Market and Feasibility study

Feasibility study in Buliisa Market

The study covered five districts of Uganda, sampling 125 potential customers and/or product users per district. A total of twenty five research assistants were engaged in data collection, of which Eight (8) were Female and 17 male. The study aimed at understanding, the strength of the business idea, the Market, competition, and understanding the Entrepreneur’s ability to launch the new venture, the startup capital/ financial requirements, and to give the overall assessment and recommendation

 Business plan development

As one of the sub-activities under the business incubation activity, REBi offers business Plan development trainings to the incubatees.  These trainings are aimed at equipping participants with practical knowledge in business plan writing skills that are crucial for business growth and development. Six participants from four businesses were trained in business plan development- 2 female and four males. All the entrepreneurs walked away with a draft business plan tailored to each individual business. Training provided by Strategy and Media Consult.

Participants at the Business plan Training at REBi office (28th -29th April 2018)

Mentor Mentee Matching 

Incubatee’s work station Before REBI intervention

As one of the sub-activities under the business incubation activity, REBi offers business coaching and mentorship support to the incubatees.  This support is aimed at transferring practical business skills from experienced business and entrepreneurship experts to young  inexperienced business startups with the aim:

  1. To facilitate knowledge transfer through developing important business skills, supporting important decisions and putting the incubatee in touch with useful business contacts.
  2. To Build business relationship with a mentor that can have a positive effect on the incubatee’s business

Four mentors comprising of three (3) males and one (1) Female have each been matched to two entrepreneurs for both technical and business guidance for a period of 9 months (May 2018 – January 2019)


Workstation after REBI intervention

REBi has supported the establishment of four Enterprises by financing the start up costs.