Improved Charcoal Energy Saving Stoves Training

Participants with REBi Ag. MD during stove Presentation
The Finished improved stove manufactured by trainees

The Renewable Energy Business incubator conducted a 5-day Training on the manufacture of improved charcoal cook  stoves.

The training run from 23rd April 2018 to 27th April 2018 and was conducted by Energy Uganda Foundation at their factory located Lusanja-Namere, Off- Kitezi Road  with the aim of providing  Technical hands-on training in improved cook stove making skills to 7 participants (5 incubates and 2 REBi staff) through practical, interactive and experiential training and also learning to ensure lasting impact and business sustainability.

The participants were provided with personal hand tools and PPE like ear protection and hand gloves. The participants were engaged in all stove manufacturing activities

Training content

Introduction to stove manual, materials property and selection, measurement and frame dimensions, Cost and Aesthetics (Beauty of the stove), stove sizing, Materials preparation, metal cladding fabrication, liner making and baking

Stove part assembly and painting.