REBi conducts preliminary product testing.

REBi conducts product testing following the 2 days hands on quality training in briquette production that was held for youth entrepreneurs from AAA ltd in Kampla and Easy Energy At Home in Jinja in partnership with Adapt plus ltd. The preliminary tests that focused on the assessment of the burning rate, heat generated and time taken to light were speared headed by the REBi ltd Engineer. The tests  indicated high improved quality of briquettes in terms of  lighting rate, burning rate and heat generated. This is geared towards increasing on quality production of briquettes by the youth entrepreneurs, strengthen their  RE established businesses, create jobs and hence contribute towards increased access to clean energy  for community’s’ clean cooking in Uganda. This is made possible with funding from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala under the the project: Vocational training for Job Creation In the Renewable Energy Value Chain in Uganda.