Rebi staff promote girl child education

REBi ltd  female staff join in  encouraging  the girl child to apply for the existing scholarship opportunities to enable them continue with their education career as a way of  promoting gender equity in our societies today . This  is based  on the REBi ltd belief that:  “Educate a girl-child, you will have educated the nation” The move to increase on female participation in Technical Education was made during the launch of the 2019 scholarship campaign. The strategy  is aimed at having the girl child access the same opportunity as the boy-child since there is low uptake by the girl child in the engineering area of study in Uganda today.

Besides that, REBi staff  have continued disseminating the call for 2019 scholarship with emphasis placed on the female students  to apply.   Its the women and every body for the girl child as we contribute towards education of  the girls of Uganda.