Networking Event 2015

The Renewable Energy Business Incubator at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Makerere University and2014 Networking Event the Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel) are honoured to organise a networking event due to take place on Thursday, 1st October 2015. The theme of the event is ‘Accelerating entreprenuership and business development within renewable energy.’ The Networking Event will focus on ways to integrate renewable energy entrepreneurship in key sectors in Uganda such as health, agriculture, education and water/sanitation.
During the event, incubated enterprises as well as other selected successful enterprises outside of the business incubator will showcase relevant renewable energy products in an exhibition.
The event is intended to
– Provide information and share knowledge on challenges in other sectors in Uganda that are entrepreneurial opportunities for Renewable energy enterprises.
– Provide an avenue for financing and funding linkages for renewable energy entrepreneurs.
– Share information on the Renewable Energy Business Incubator activities and its contribution to the energy sector in Uganda.
The main topics of discussion will be geared towards highlighting major energy challenges within the various sectors in Uganda and how clean energy solutions could address them. Examples will be presented of successful relevant renewable energy solutions that have addressed social challenges and have generated income (revenues) for developers.
Other proposed topics of discussion will include:
– Government’s overall plan/strategy in accelerating market access for clean energy solutions in Uganda
– Key social community challenges that can be opportunities for clean energy entrepreneurs to provide sustainable energy solutions.
– Relevance of business incubation and acceleration as key drivers in entrepreneurship promotion and business development in the Ugandan context.
– Financing mechanisms that accelerate promotion of entrepreneurship within renewable energy in Uganda.
– Regulatory framework to support entrepreneurship and business development in Renewable Energy.
The networking event is part of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) project “Business Incubator for Renewable Energy Enterprises” being implemented by the Renewable Energy Business Incubator located at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology at Makerere University.
Attendance is by invitation.

Interested parties can contact the manager at