Focus Areas

Our focus areas include: 

  1. Nurturing renewable energy start-ups

    Youth training in improved cook stoves production

Worked with over 23 entrepreneurs Contributed to the establishment and development of 13 enterprises

  1. Capacity building for increased employability and employment creation

Project focusing on vocational training for job creation in the RE value chain with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala

  1. Piloting new technologies with the objective of technology transfer.

Biomass gasification (set up 4 plants) run by 3 companies (Pamoja Energy Limited, Mandulis Energy Limited and Adapt Plus Limited.

  1. Provision of business development services to micro, small and medium enterprises

Worked with four (4) companies producing carbonized briquettes in 3 refugee settlements in Western Uganda; Adapt Plus Limited, The Portico Limited, King Fire Energy Solutions Limited and Uganda Green Fire Limited.

Support to other organizations

The Incubator has closely worked with GiZ and other partners to assist in the formation of an all-inclusive renewable energy alliance; Uganda National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEA) for stakeholders within renewable energy in Uganda.