The Incubator welcomes business ideas from local renewable energy entrepreneurs in Uganda. The business ideas are evaluated and the most feasible, bankable, convenient and innovative are selected. Productive business models that increase off grid energy access are preferred.  A determined number of successful applicants (incubatees) is taken into the incubator. Incubated entrepreneurs and companies get assistance to establish new companies and projects within the renewable energy sector.

Activities are geared towards transforming lives of communities by introducing reliable renewable energy supply. Access to electricity will result into increased dissemination of the information to the rural communities, increased access to health services with equipment that requires electricity, improvement in education as schools will have light for students to read during night hours) ,Creating employment opportunities (entrepreneurs establishing projects will create opportunities for the country’s population) and reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The three main activities include:

  • Support services to renewable energy entrepreneurs
  • Piloting new renewable energy technologies
  • Networking in the energy sector