Mission and Vision


To build and stimulate renewable energy businesses that are financially and environmentally sustainable directly impacting and transforming lives ,fostering increased access to clean renewable energy, mitigating the causes of climatic change and eradicating poverty.


To become a one-stop center catering for all business needs and requirements for Renewable energy businesses bringing economic development in the East African Region.

Main objective

The objective of this project is to support the development of local renewable energy companies which will utilize renewable energy in a sustainable and financial beneficial manner.


  1. To promote sustainable renewable energy businesses through pilot projects
  2. To provide knowledge and business support services
  3. To provide an environment that supports business development for sustainable businesses
  4. To promote innovation in renewable energy and awareness of new technology to rural areas for development
  5. To develop and maintain a network of business support consultants, business investors, manufacturers, etc to assist viable startups