Background: ADAPT + is a green enterprise company incorporated in 2013.  Our vision is to be ‘A company that enables people from all walks of life adapt well to challenges brought about by climate change and environmental degradation’.   Our mission is ‘to provide appropriate technological and innovative solutions in the areas of energy and agriculture among small-holder households in Uganda.  While ADAPT+ vision envisages a wide spectrum of renewable energy, the initial focus is on alternative cooking energy and energy-saving technologies.  Our operational principles emphasize the social and environmental aspects, which stem from the genesis of the company.  Our main target market therefore remains the low income households and those in most vulnerable situations.

ADAPT PlusThe Incubation Experience: The journey from prototype to Mass Production: ADAPT+ started from project idea and prototype stage in 2011 and progressively moved to mass production of at least 3 tons per day as illustrated below.



The Safe/Energizer Project: One of the landmark projects that has helped us address some of the early challenges of marketing and distribution is the SAFE/ENERGISER project. This is in  partnership with United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) through Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development where ADAPT+ is producing briquettes to supply refugee settlements under the SAFE (Safe Access to Fuel and alternative Energy) program whose aims is to “to reduce exposure to violence, contribute to the protection of and ease the burden on those populations collecting wood in humanitarian settings, through solutions which will promote safe access to appropriate energy and reduce environmental impacts while ensuring accountability.”  On ADAPT+’s part, the project was code-named ‘ENERGISER’ (Energy and Other Integrated Solutions for Refugees).  In addition to provision of cooking energy, the project is also addressing other environmental and social economic challenges around refugee settlements related to energy.  UNHCR estimates a world population of about 14 million refugees and between 20 and 25 million internally displaced persons.  In some settlements in Uganda like Nakivale the refugee population is between 60,000 to 80,000 persons, and it is the demand for energy that often leads to the most serious environmental problems associated with refugee flows.

ADAPT Plus 2 ADAPT Plus 3







Current Challenges: One of the outstanding challenges so far experienced is power which is both unreliable and expensive making the cost of production high. Another challenge is developing a sustainable and effective system of feedstock supply.

Future Plans: To put emphasis on further development of a reliable and sustainable supply of feedstock; getting a sustainable power supply through gasification; and, further capitalization to reach production mark of at least 5 tons per day.

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Head Office: Katende-Kasanje RD, Off Masaka Rd, Next to Nature Palace Botanic Garden. P.O. Box 29455, Kampala. Tel: +256-392966008/702-625963/772355382; E-mail:

Kyegegwa Field Office & FactoryBukere, Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Next to World Food Program Warehouse. Tel: +256-772-355382/772-625963; E-mail: