Awamu Awamu Biomass Energy is a social enterprise formed in 2012 with the aim on manufacturing and distributing the clean and fast cooking gasifier stoves plus processed biomass fuels; we are based in Kampala. We won the SEED 2013 Award for low carbon, which helped us develop our current version of Gasifier stove compared to the first Quad version which had four legs and used the complicated Tab & Slot assembly system. The Troika version is more market appropriate and easier to produce. The next step was to test our product in the target market.

Before receiving support from the Renewable Energy Business Incubator, Awamu had challenges in establishing distribution channels, had a team of five staff and we were short on inventory with just five distributors and about 50 gasifier stoves.

The Renewable Energy Business Incubator provided a comprehensive training in Business planning, bookkeeping and financing for producing 250 stoves which we used to establish a network of 21 youths and women distributors in Eastern Uganda. Plus we now have a full-time staff of eight and five others on part-time.Awamu2

Our profile also has grown with added interest from investors from around the world and not to forget our recent involvement in the Yunus Social Business Accelerator. We have gained media visibility both local and international over the last year which has also helped build investor confidence in the company. This all has been due to the generous support extended to Awamu through the Renewable Energy Business incubator.

We plan to raise $150,000 in equity financing which will go towards establishing a semi-automated production factory in Uganda with a capacity of 200 for Gasifier stoves per day (62,400) per year, plus processed fuels of 624 tons annually. We will strengthen our distribution network throughout Uganda with a second round investment financing of $300,000.

In Summary, Awamu Biomass Energy will distribute 100,000 Gasifier stoves, 1900 tons of processed biomass and we will create 1560 jobs for women and youths along the value chain by 2020.

Contact us:

Awamu Biomass Energy
St. Noah CoU, Makerere Kikoni. P.O. Box 40127, Kampala
Tel: +256 776346724, +256 701346723