Eco Gardens Rwenzori is Located in Kyibirizi Village, Bugoye subcounty, Kasese district. The establishment started in 2009, with the main aim of providing Pico (0.1-5KW) and micro (5-100KW) hydroelectricity to the rural communities of Western Uganda.

Vision / Mission,

Rural villages lighting and running on Renewable, affordable hydroelectricity, through provision and promotion of Small, spread and easy-to-built off-grid hydro plants in a suitable and affordable way by using local materials and personnel (Local solutions to local problems) that would allow to easily and cheaply connect to a huge number of people in rural areas.

ECOGR Journey:                                      

Like any other starting venture, ECOGR had a telling journey in its infancy, ranging from use of Motorcycle dynamos to self-wound generators.

This journey has been helped and steadied by the intervention of “The Renewable Energy Businesses Incubator-REBI sustained support, fruits of which are tabulated below:-

1 Electricity Production 150Watts 4000Watts
2 Sales Ug.Shs.0 Ug.Shs.374,000 @ month
3 Employees 2 pple 14 pple
4 Partners 0 3
5 Related Technical skills 40% 85%
6 General Total Revenue Ug.Shs.85,600 Ug.Shs.1,300,000 @ month
7 Hydro Potential sites identified 1 16


Doing it the    Eco Gardens Rwenzori Way

Realizing that an estimated 1.5 billion people, or 22% of the world’s population, live without access to electricity, 85% of whom living in rural areas of Africa and south Asia (2008, IEA)1 Report ), ECOGR identified this as a core area of focus.

We identify and respond to rural communities not accessing the main electricity grid, engage and share with them their electricity needs, survey, design, construct and commission pico / Micro hydroelectricity schemes. All this is done on a business model for sustainability and expansion.

We are currently with the help of REBI generating 4KW of hydroelectricity and carrying out feasibility studies for Isuule site (50KW). Several other sites (16) with a total energy potential of 0.7MW are under preliminary feasibilities, among them Kithabona hydro site (120KW) with the help of BURDS-ERT.

Up Scaling Plan: ECOGR is still on the look out for other partners to help consolidate the initial achievements as in partnerships, grants, investment capital, technical skill development, budget support, exchange visits etc.

Other Activities: Apart from hydroelectricity, ECOGR under takes Lodging facilities, restaurant, bar, mountaineering services, Car Hire, community tourism, environmental protection, tree planting, wet land protection and reclamation, Eco-Tourism, community development and health promotion as well as promoting use of Soil-Cement bricks to save the environment.

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