The Energy Fundi business start-up was motivated by a desire to promote green living, by engaging in an enterprise that made this effort sustainable. This objective was envisaged to be crystallized through the establishment of a profitable venture in clean energy proliferation. Before being admitted to the Renewable Energy Business Incubator (REI) program, the Energy Fundi Limited (EFL) business scope encompassed a broad catalogue of energy efficient products, that the company earmarked to vend and others it would market alongside.

Upon Joining the Incubator in October 2013, the promoters of EFL were guided on ideal ways of developing a viable business from inception to fruition; where the key outcome being the move to focus on Briquette production; which the team then prioritised as their Pioneer product, with the view that the other Eco-efficient items would be added in future.

With this cue, and assistance from the REBI, the Promoters moved to consolidate the Business Plan, Set up a production line and Start Production of Eco-Moto Briquettes in October 2014.











Though initially targeting a start up volume of Six Tonnes  per month, over the first year of operation, the EFL team, comprising 5 people who dabble between the Operations, Production and Sales has variably produced 2,000kg to 3,000kgs during it’s monthly operation cycle.

In keeping with its sustainable business concept, the resources input and attendant output have been deliberately tailored to match the product off take in the market. It is the company strategy to double this capacity by the end of 2016, and have similar growth rate over the years.

The company continues to enlist the support of the REBI, which in August 2015, through its network, linked EFL to a business growth mentorship program under the Mara Foundation.

The team remains enthusiastic about continuing to learn from the REBI sponsored training workshops that are lending us, technical and structural nurturing. Also, from our practical experience, we have picked and are beginning to use the valued  lessons of resilience, that are very primal for any start-up  enterprise, in its effort to gain a niche in an emerging market. At EFL, this is has been our most enduring understanding of the business growth cycle, so far.

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Energy Fundi Limited
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P.O. Box 23738 Kampala, Uganda
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